Ways to Balance out Cool and Warm Colors

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You can spruce up and improve the look of your home by painting one or even several rooms with a different color. In terms of choosing which color/colors to apply, the use of cool and warm colors is usually one of the most essential aspects to consider. Such colors could change your home’s appearance in various ways that you could take advantage of. Read on this article and remember the details provided below while you identify which tones must you utilize in your property for a new look. 

You should understand the color wheel 

The color wheel is classified into sections of cool color and warm color. Warm colors include yellow, orange, and red tones. On the other hand, cool colors include violet, blue, and green tones. Warmer tones can make a room appear cheerful and brighter when it comes to painting color. Cooler paint tones could make a room have a more soothing atmosphere. One of the major parts that are essential as you select paint colors for your home is to know how to utilize the color wheel and make the most out of it to your advantage. 

Utilizing cooler tones 

If you would like your rooms to make them appear more spacious, regardless if you have a living room, bedroom or bathroom, cool tones are the best option for you. Colors with cool tones can make your rooms look spacious. Hence, you must refrain from utilizing such colors in rooms that have few items in it and rooms that are already large. Also, it’s essential to consider your ceilings. If your ceilings are painted with a cool tone, it could appear to be higher, which could result in offering a more airy and lighter feel. 

 Utilizing warmer colors 

Know when to utilize warmer tones for a particular area. Remember that warmer colors can make a room appear and feel more intimate and cozier. When the room you’re planning to paint is crowded with belongings and furniture or it’s just smaller in size, warm tones can only make that room feel cluttered.  So, you should only use such colors for rooms that are more spacious, particularly when then just have some items or pieces of furniture inside it.  

When to combine cool and warm colors? 

Yes. You can actually have a combination of cool and war paint tones within a room for you to achieve particular effects. You only have to consider that once you pick colors on the color wheel that are leaning to red, cool tones will turn to be warmer. Another way to successfully apply cool and warm tones is by selecting a particular wall for warm color and balance it out by leaving the entire [arts of the room in either neutral or cool colors. This can add a hint of warmth but make sure that you won’t overdo it.  

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